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Everything About Aluminium

The Residential designed to look specifically at window ratings to improve the comfort of homes.

The main purpose of energy efficiency in a residential application is to reduce the heating and cooling appliances are turned on and off. Commercial deals with Aluminium Doors, windows and window walls designed for commercial applications. The Energy efficiency in commercial buildings is designed at reducing the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning/ Cooling). Energy efficiency in commercial is achieved using high performance windows which allow for huge expense of glass.

Aluminium windows & doors can make a major difference in the appearance, comfort, energy costs and resale value of your home. But not all replacement windows are the same.

In order to maximize your home improvement budget, it's important to question and understand some of the basics of quality window construction which are given below:

1. What about the maintenance cost of Aluminium Doors & windows?

No maintenance, becoz the main advantage of aluminium is its robustness. It does not break or warp. Whenever a profile is seriously damaged, repair is possible. You do not have to buy new parts. This feature, combined with the material’s durability, makes aluminium profiles cheaper in the long run than a construction based on another material.

2. What about risk over the rusting or rotting of aluminium Doors and Windows?

No RISK, Untreated aluminium develops a natural protective layer upon exposure to outside air. Each aluminium profile, however, will receive an additional treatment; enamelling or anodising is applied for both aesthetic and protective reasons.

3. Can I install new windows myself?

Sure you can, but the more important question is, that “Why should I?” A window only performs best when it is installed perfectly and precise measurements are of great importance when planning for new replacement windows. A qualified windows professional has the expertise to ensure the windows are measured, installed and trimmed-out in a beautiful and professional manner.

4. How many colours can I choose from Kalco?

At Kalco Alu-Systems, You can choose from more than 400 colours. The basic range of gloss and matt RAL finishes, metallic colours, pastel shades, wood imitation, anodized colours and various hues of the maintenance-friendly and scratch-resistant Coatex structure lacquer.

5. Are Kalco's Aluminium Windows Energy Rated?

Kalco Aluminium’s rates the energy impact of windows in housing anywhere in India. With up to 50% of a home’s energy for cooling or heating being lost or gained through windows, improving their thermal performance and reduces energy costs also. So that energy qualification is an important consideration when deciding to replace your window. Karshni Aluminium’s windows widely used with verities of glasses as per customer’s likeness and significantly it exceed requirements in all zones of the India.

6. Is it possible to finish the accessories in the same colour?

The fittings (handles, hinges, tumber locks etc.)can be acquired in the same colour as your window frames. Rubber seal are only available in black or gray for conservatory roofs that are made from plastic sheet.

7. How long will aluminium profile last and is there a window glass that can reduce fading in my carpets and drapes?

Aluminium is a strong metal that does not warp. Aluminium is not affected by Ultra Violet rays (sun) or moisture and is not harmed by temperature fluctuations or changing weather conditions. Aluminium is therefore everlasting. Prolonged exposure to Ultra Violet-rays can definitely affect your fine furnishings. Some glass systems can provide protection against sun damage; however, it is important to remember that ultra violet rays are not all bad. Humans, animals, and plants need a certain amount of this light to prosper. So, Kalco Aluminium’s glass window-system provides the perfect balance of Ultra Violet levels.

8. Do I always have to replace my existing windows with same style?

That's the best thing about custom-made windows. You can replace your existing windows with a combination of styles, shapes, size and color combinations. A professional home improvement expert can help you get the look you want. You can choose to retain the same style or you can make own decision to change your home's appearance with Karshni Aluminium’s great combination of selected styles and designs.

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